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Disclaimer thing: Don't read this comic if you will be offended by it. The comic contains really bad jokes, minorities, mentally unstable people, self-injury, Swedes, and excessive, brutal, bloody wanton violence. No sprites though. Also, please do not read this comic if you are a member of my family. (Especially mom and dad.)

Sippans Serie is updated every now and then.

The above image, all the comic characters (except those stolen from someplace else), Sippans Serie and even the arrow images below are Copyright ©2003-2007 by Durandal Brytting.
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July 6: Only five months this time, wohoo! As mentioned in the comic, it is hot as poo (actually, I guess it's a handful of degrees less than poo) and I can't record podcasts. But I can draw all I want, so here's a comic. There'll be at least two more in the near future, too.

February 17: I have returned after about six months of no updates! Let's hope that I can keep drawing many many comics for a year! And if I still have readers, please let me know it! Now it's breakfast time. And for the Swedes reading, there'll be a new podcast episode this weekend or next week.

November 27: Happy första advent.

September 18: for the love of god dont miss my podcast världens sämsta podcast available today in your itunes! the hypnotic powers of lowercase command you!

July 21: The Meatrix!

June 16: I'm a link whore! Buy some odd clothes from some completely other character's caf├ępress store, if you're not doing anything with a higher priority. (Like buying from mine 0:-)

June 14: Congratulations to Michael Jackson on this day. Fine, so he hasn't made a good album since 1992 - he's still a cool person who should be allowed to be eccentric if he wants to. Honestly, while it was completely obvious that he was innocent, I am surprised that a jury of Americans is able to see clearly through the media haze. (Pun intended.) Maybe Americans aren't as stupid as I thought. Again, let's all be happy and party for Jacko, even those of us who cringe when we hear his music. W00t!

May 24: Hooray, no more school to go to! Summer, woo! Now let's all hope that I can stay alive all summer with only about $5 in my bank account and no job. Or, to put it in different words: send me job offers, dammit. I can write, and I can almost draw. Any job which is the slightest bit related to any of these two things, pleeeaaase.

May 21: Check this out: it's a picture of some MacNytt regulars, including me. The question is... don't you think I should import some of these into the comic? The squirrel is so cute that I'm going insane, and #11 is just too cool. Also, guess which one is me? ^_^ (It's not #3, even though our mothers can't tell us apart.)

May 19: Finally opened up a fan art section for the heaps and heaps of fan art that people keep sending me, which is much appreciated by the way! Now I am going to make pancakes.

May 9: Don't forget to read Station V3 today! ^.^

April 9: I must point out that The Scent of a Song is back! And there was much rejoicing.

March 27: Hey folks...! If you are a Mac user, check out this neat game I just released, called Think Ahead X! It's a remake of a game from 1985 I played a lot as a kid. I really missed an OS X version, and nobody else would make one so I did. The hugely improved version 0.9.5 will be released soon, too. It's the first time in about six years that I release a game! =)

March 6: I'm back to full health again! No more grumpy illness comics, I promise. (Until the next time, of course.)

February 15: In a sudden productivity burst, I added heaps of favorites to the favorites page. It's friggin' insane. Also, since a few weeks back it's easier to navigate.

February 12: I just have to share this awesome musician with everyone. I heard a song by him on the radio and was really impressed, so I googled him and it turns out that you can get his music both off the iTunes Music Store, which of course we all love very much, and they're also all freely downloadable because... Well, he's that kind of musician, you know. His name is David Rovics, I really recommend that you check out his music.

February 1: Originally, I was supposed to be crushed by New York. But I couldn't draw a picture fo New York crushing a person, so I had a serious brainstorming together with the other dudes at #macnytt, trying to come up with something else that would be funny to get crushed by. After rejecting Paris, Globen, and probably a lot of other stuff that I don't remember anymore, I remembered the important Fundamental Law of Jokes, which is that David Hasselhoff, regardless of the context, is hilarious. So now you know what's going on. Also: OMG! It's February!!! ^.~

January 19: What's in my iTunes? Audioscrobbler appears to be really cool. Go visit it. And start using it. They're not paying me to say this.

January 3: Chatboard is back online. It was HostedScripts's fault.

December 30: Hooray, a whole yeeaar! And look! Maria & Michelle (they're the girls/boys conjoined at the hip who draw Shonen-Ai Kudasai which I read more frequently than it updates) drew terribly cute fan art (the first Sippans Serie fan art! Although it must be confessed that Jenni of The Scent of a Song drew fan art once, but I think that was before the Keenspace days)...uh... Now I lost track of where I was... Um, right. One year, Maria & Michelle, fan art. So naturally I stole it from them and linked to it in a news update. Brutal.

December 21: I don't know why I didn't fix this stupid design problem sooner. I've been so god damn pissed off at not being able to make comics as wide as I was used to because I put the newsbox next to them, but I never got around to relocating it... Fortunately, Marathon is important enough to motivate me to do anything. You guys make sure to try it out if you're one of the unenlightened! M1A1 is free! Stop by at the MSP forum and ask for directions! (If my comic was actually popular, they would be so pissed off at me for telling everyone to go there =)

November 7: Updated the Everything Else Page with a list of webcomics you all must read, because it's been too long since I wrote the previous links page somewhere.

November 4: Sorry folks. It was the heat of the moment.

October 31: Look! I've totally been X Reviewed! Yay! ^.^

October 28: Don't forget to read Pandimaniacs today! ^.^
Ooh, and I went through my list of hidden references today, and that inspired me to have a poll about it: How many hidden references would you guess I've squeezed into the comic? W00t! Oops! That link is fixed now.

October 26: I do know how to spell "they've"...really... But I just had 4 hours of sleep and I'm too tired to fix it =.=

October 24: Don't get your knickers in a knot, now; the abomination depicted in today's comic has yet to happen, at least with Dead Like Me. But I hate soccer anyway. And God knows it's happened to every other TV show I ever loved. One of my most vivid memories of childhood is when I turned on the TV to watch McGyver and there was a tennis cup on instead. Traumatized for life, I tell you. Traumatized for life.
Oh, and I updated the favorites list quite a bit today. Although, if anyone actually cares about that or even READS the whole thing, that would be pretty unexpected, borderline scary. I wonder if I can get any jobs by bragging about having the most extensive list of favorite things ever compiled on the internet...


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